Among the Big Solo Chainlink (LINK) gives ground with a -1.3% from Sunday morning levels. A slowdown that does not put in trouble the recent rise that over the weekend has seen prices recover the $ 18.

Despite the recent attacks by the asset management company Zeus Capital, which once again accuses the Chainlink team of manipulating prices, the token remains in fifth place among the major capitalized companies.

Of the top 25, Ethereum (ETH), together with Litecoin (LTC), made the best leap of the day, both over 5.5%.

Total capitalization is over $370 billion with good trading volumes stable over $130 billion.

In the last 24 hours it is Ethereum to trade the highest volume with over $1.5 billion in US dollars, with Bitcoin stopping at $1.3 billion.

The return of interest for Altcoin is also recorded by the dominance of Bitcoin which drops to 57.5%, the lowest level in the last 14 months. On the contrary, Ethereum rises to 13%, while Ripple remains stable at 3.4%.

DeFi always record-breaking

Continue steep climb of the side blocked in the DeFi. New absolute record with over $7.8 billion immobilized in the various projects.

Also Aave (LEND) continues to grow with over $1.6 billion, 21% of all collateralized capital in DeFi.

Maker (MKR) follows at $1.4 billion.

Ethereum breaks the wall of the 5 million deposited pieces for further returns.

Bitcoin with over 55.2 thousand tokenized pieces also records the new record.

bitcoin usd

Bitcoin (BTC)

The timid return of the purchases shows a reaction of the support of the 11200 USD, momentarily putting aside the fears of a further bearish extension to test the medium-term support in the 10500 USD area.

In the next few days it is important to understand if the absence of sales will allow purchases to push prices above 12000 dollars, resistance to be broken down decisively to open hopes of a new annual high over 12500.

If this is not the case, it remains necessary to confirm that the recent lows have held up.